Photographers Jane Evelyn Atwood, Adriana Lestido and Carsten Snejbjerg documentation of women in prison inspired my womenswear final graduate collection. Using their lenses they capture the emotion and life of a women behind bars. Telling their stories of freedom, hope, despair and the escape from their white wall nightmare. Though these photographers captured different women in different years, there was a common factor shared by them all. The bed, a place where they could escape reality to most a place of comfort for those dreaming for a better tomorrow. “It’s difficult getting out of bed…” a poem by an inmate helped inspire the vision for this collection influencing silhouette, fabrication and details translated onto garments. Techniques include American quilting taken from traditional bed spreads. Looking to pillows and duvets for pattern cutting approaches using their closures and shape to inform silhouette and details. The two lives of each garment from its flat state laying as a square or rectangle originating from the pillowcase. Buttons are the main feature detail the closure helps add function to the garments. Colour inspiration comes from Kaarina Kaikkonen exhibition “Are we still going on?” the fresh light pastel colours feel like the beginning of spring a new hope, a time for change.      

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